The Zuma combines fun and performance in a safe and stable package. The boat features a roomy cockpit, high boom, recessed fittings and seat tanks shaped for comfort. The Zuma is perfect for an afternoon of fun, sun, and friends.


Push the Zuma off the beach and climb onto the world's finest recreational vehicle. The Zuma will take you away from the the hectic scramble of everyday existence and bring you to a new place where the wind is your soundtrack and the waves are your view.


If it's space you're looking for, the Zuma's got it. With a cockpit almost 7 feet long, there's room for two adults or a small gang of kids. All the deck fittings are recessed, and the seat tanks are shaped for comfort. Look forward to years of maintenance free fun, no storage hassles, and no need for for a trailer. Look forward to years of fun with your Zuma.

Specifications are:

 LOA:   12' 9"

  Beam:   5' 0"

  Hull Weight:   130 lb.

  Sail Area: 56 sq ft.

  Capacity:  1-2 people

  Skill Level:   Beginner-Advanced

  Race Level: Club

  Optimal Weight:   110-160 lbs

  Transport: Car Top or Trailer

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