STA/MASTER Turnbuckles guarantee fast, easy, repeatable tension settings every time- on or off the water!


If you are not using the STA/MASTER, you are most likely using the hit-and-miss method to set your spar wire tension. That method may have been acceptable last year, but it is simply not good enough in today's competitive racing environment.


With the  STA/MASTER you will be able to achieve exact, repeatable shroud  tension settings for each wind condition. The STA/MASTER has readable measurements that will allow you or your crew to do just that time after time.


The STA/MASTER has a finely calibrated center traveler which quickly locks for exact, repeatable tension setting for each wind and water condition. Precision crafted of top quality stainless steel for long term, trouble-free life. The STA/MASTER is used on one design and PHRF fleets throughout the world. The STA/MASTER- a great idea whose time has come.


The STA/MASTER products are always in stock and ready to ship the same day.


Please use the  following table to select the configuration which is right for you:


Part # Wire Size Pin Size Min Length Max Length List Price
STA-332 3/32"(2mm) 3/16" (5mm) 3-1/4" (83mm) 5-3/8" (137mm) $38.95
STA-432 1/8"(3mm) 1/4" (6mm) 4" (102mm) 6-5/8" (168mm) $46.95
STA-532 3/16"(5mm) 5/16" (8mm) 5-1/8" (130mm) 8-3/8" (213mm) $81.95
STA-632 3/16"(5mm) 3/8" (10mm) 5-1/8"(130mm) 8-3/8" (213mm) $81.95


Typical Size Requirements:



Star                Use part number  STA-432

Snipe              Use part number STA-432 

Vanguard 15    Use  part number STA-432

Yngling            Use part number  STA-432


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