Laser Radial


The Laser Radial is the perfect boat for smaller single handed sailors and youth sailors who want to start sailing a Laser, but don't quite have the size to handle the large sail plan of a standard Laser.


The Radial uses a standard Laser hull and blades, but a smaller sail and a shorter bottom mast section. The boat has all the performance characteristics of a Laser with a less powerful sail plan. All you need is a shorter  lower mast and Radial sail to make a Radial out of your standard Laser.


The Radial has a thriving one design class, hosting a world championship and boasting a gagle of local, regional and national events for sailors of all ages.  The International Sailing Federation, US Sailing, and the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association all contest their major Junior and Women's championships in the Laser Radial.  The Radial is sold in both a standard and "Pro" configuration.


The Laser Radial's specifications are:

 LOA:   13' 10"

 Beam:   4' 6"

 Draft:    2' 7"

 Hull Weight:   130 lb

 Sail Area: 62 sq ft.

 Capacity:  1-2 people

 Skill Level:   Beginner-Expert

 Race Level:   Club- Olympic

 Optimal Weight:   110-160 lbs

 Transport: Car Top or Trailer


Note: The above Radial image is courtesy of Vern Vincent.

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