Kitty Hawk  Laser  Trailer (Model SUT-250 KH)                                                                                           $1095.00




The Kitty Hawk trailer is now available in stainless steel and is an excellent economical carrier for the Laser or Sunfish dinghy.


The Kitty Hawk trailer is designed specifically to support the standard Laser, Capri 13 or Sunfish as both a road trailer as well as a yard/storage trailer. The trailer supports the boat under the bow and port/starboard gunwales, thereby eliminating any hull related stress issues. With the swivel bow support, 1 person can easily load or off load the boat onto the trailer.


An optional two boat adapter is available to be able to transport one additional boat.


The trailer weighs 110 lbs.; the linear dimensions are 10.6 ft long by 5.6 ft wide.  It will support up to 450 lbs. of gross vehicle weight and will easily fit into less than one side of a two card garage.


The Kitty Hawk  can be shipped via common carrier and with the correct tools can be easily assembled in less than 3 hours.


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